GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-Today we got excited talking about the Amway River Bank Run and got a deeper look into one of this year’s charity partners, Paws with a Cause.  Paws with a Cause assists those with disabilities through trained assistance dogs.  They have a breeding facility and foster dog program to ensure the healthiest dogs are able to assist clients.  There are over 400 active dog teams across the country and these services include hearing dogs, seizure response dog, and dogs to help children with autism.  Each of these dogs takes 35,000 dollars to train.  There are no government assistance or insurance that covers the cost of assistance, so all proceeds are fundraised. 

 Now everyone has a chance this year to participate in the 2023 Amway River Bank Run and support these dogs by choosing your donation to go to Paws with a Cause.  The portal to register for the Amway River Bank Run is open now for registration.  You can also find training calendars and resources for each of the different race lengths.  You can find those resources here.  All of the proceeds from the Amway River Bank Run that are given to Paws with a Cause will go directly to vet care, training assistance and more.  You can learn more about Paws with a Cause here.     

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