GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) –For 46 years now the Amway River Bank Run has been helping to keep West Michigan moving thanks to the help of great partners like Amway, Fifth Third Bank and Corewell health.  Amway is all about helping people live better and healthier lives.  This run is about empowering the community by supporting each other and helping them reach their health goals.  Everyone in on their own individual health journey and Amway wants to help us take that step forward for healthier lives. 

This race is important to many people but one of the reasons Fifth Third Bank supports the Amway River Bank Run is because it is a community event where everyone is represented.  The race is the official start to the racing season and summer.  If you did not know the Amway River Bank run is the largest 25 K run in the country that draws not only many community members but people from across the country.  There are several different distances that you can run so there is truly something for everyone.

The Amway River Bank race does a lot for the community and your participation in the race can go even further because you can run or walk for one of the 4 charity partners, Family Futures, Paws with a Cause, Still I Run, and The Storehouse.  The Amway River Bank run has raised over 2.2 million dollars since starting their charity partner program in 2009. 

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