GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)-This summer, the Air Zoo wants you to blast off into big adventures with their new exhibit, DC Super Heroes: Discover Your Superpowers. This interactive exhibit is all about working with peers and combining strengths to overcome obstacles. Join forces with your favorite superheroes, such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Kids are encouraged to grab their capes and become superheroes in training as they learn new skills and the importance of teamwork while catching supervillains. 

Some fun activities include navigating through photoelectric beams at a jewelry store with Batman or rescuing artifacts with Wonder Woman. This fun and interactive exhibit works on your superhero skills and is a fun way to experience the DC Universe and feel like a superhero. You can explore more about the DC Super Heroes exhibit here.

While you’re having fun becoming a superhero in training, don’t forget that the Air Zoo offers over 100 aircraft and spacecraft to explore. They have fun, interactive rides that really take learning to new heights. If you are a family looking for memorable ways to keep your kids engaged this summer, head to the Air Zoo. You can learn more about everything they have to offer here


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