GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Wedgwood Christian services works with many troubled youths to instill hope in them.  Now more than ever young people are facing so many challenges in their day to day lives that they may have nowhere to turn. The State of Michigan hosted a Thrive Conference that focused on positive youth development.  One of the biggest factors into positive youth development is hope.

At the conference, Dr. Angela Pharris talked about the importance of instilling hope into our youth.  She talked about how hope is a cognitive process and how some of us are taught to think hopeful in our development while others must learn that process later.  Wedgwood has lots of kids with little to low amounts of hope and it is their goal to give them hope by making them feel loved and supporting them.  Hope is the belief that my future can be better today and that I have the strategies to get there.

As we help our kids create and achieve the goals, they set it will also increase positive and hopeful thinking amongst them.  The best advice that parents can have when connecting with our kids and teens is to let them find what they want for themselves for their future.  Over time they will continue to set goals and want the things that you want for them.  Most importantly having a sense of hope makes you have a sense that you can do something better which is exactly the mindset we want our kids to have.

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