The Children’s Healing Center is the nation’s first year-round recreation center where kids with weak immune systems can play in a safe space. It has quickly grown to include many programs that encompass play, socialization and learning.

In addition to being an extremely clean and germ-free place to play, the design of the Children’s Healing Center was made with kids, siblings and parents in mind. The average length of treatment is 30 months – which translates to 2.5 years of isolation for a child. With many days spent in hospitals and doctor’s offices, families and children need an outlet where they can hit the “pause” button. The Children’s Healing Center allows families to come together and experience a fun day of play, while not worrying about germs, doctor visits or treatments.

Recently, local salons (including Urban You Beauty Bar and Design 1 Salon Spa) came together to create a fun night of pampering, for girls with weakened immune systems, along with their moms, their friends and siblings. The fun night included manicures, hair and makeup, along with creative flip-flop art and festive snacks.