GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)-When a local mom grew tired of hearing her kids consistently say, “I’m not getting dressed today”, she knew something was wrong. Karly Hiser, like many moms had heard this many times, and her son and daughter complained that their clothes were itchy, not comfortable. So she started researching. Was this a common issue, or was there more to the complaining? As she dug deeper into her research, she realized that most clothing is made with harsh chemicals and dyes which are irritants to skin. Hiser began working in her backroom, using her children’s shirts and pants as a model to perfect the sizing. She now works with manufacturers to create various styles, colors and patters while keeping skin sensitivities and sustainability top of mind. The clothing line is called Crann Clothing, and it’s changing the way kids feel about the comfort of their clothing. Read more about their sustainability efforts here.

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Crann Clothing also gives back to 1 percent for the planet. With all of the philanthropic giving that takes place each year, only 3% of that giving goes to environmental causes. 1% for the planet hopes to change that. The organization represents individuals, businesses and non-profits that continue to work to better the planet and give to the cause. Read more about 1% of the planet, and how you can get involved here.