GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-The Ionia County Youth Advisory Council (YAC) announced that it received received a $16,000 grant from State Farm® to support the teen driver safety program with West Michigan public high schools, to curb teen driving accidents, especially those related to texting and driving.

Local youth leaders in Ionia County continue to educate West Michigan students on the importance of safe driving practices after experts said vehicle crashes were the leading cause of teen deaths in the country. Each fall, teen students facilitate a teen driver safety conference in partnership with local State Farm agents. The upcoming conference will be held on October 19, 2022, at Celebration Cinema North in Grand Rapids.

Students will have the opportunity to experience hands-on simulators, as well as hear testimonials and impactful stories from people who have been impacted through distracted driving.

The conference is a unique way to teach youth and teens about the consequences of risky driving behaviors. The conference creates an environment for students to engage with their peers, and law enforcement about driver and passenger safety.

State Farm’s continued support helps educate young drivers about how to drive responsibly and keep our roads safe.” -Deborah Wagner, Ionia County Youth Advisory Council Advisor.

State Farm has partnered with the Ionia County Youth Advisory by providing funding for teen leadership and teen driving programs since 2008. State Farm continues to be a vital aspect of this project, among others, by providing grants for safety, community development, and education.