GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- Over the last few decades, progress has been made to ensure women receive leadership positions in their respective fields, but more advancements and representation are needed to help women break glass ceilings. One nonprofit organization that has made this initiative their mission is Inforum.

Founded in 1962, Inforum was established to connect women to higher-level opportunities by increasing gender diversity in the workplace. During an AARP Michigan Real Possibilities interview, Becky Puckett-Wood, VP of Corporate & Member Engagement at Inforum, details ways Inforum helps women overcome disparities.

“Inforum’s mission is to help accelerate careers for women and to be a catalyst to remove barriers. We are all about celebrating achievements and progression within women, but I will also say Jennifer, we encourage male leaders to become allies for women.”- Becky Puckett-Wood.

To learn more, watch the interview featured in the video player above.

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