GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Meijer offers a great variety of fresh, local, produce for you to enjoy all season long. There are many benefits to summertime here in Michigan, and one of the biggest is locally grown produce. Did you know that for decades now, Meijer has sourced their fruits and vegetables from 250 local farmers in their 6-state region?  Meijer Business Manager of Produce, Robert Schultz, says that one of the biggest benefits of buying local produce is that it tastes better.   According to Schultz, the fewer days that produce is in transport, the better it will taste, and the higher the nutritional value will be.

Another benefit of buying local produce is how it impacts our local communities.  Buying local helps support Michigan farmers and our economy.  Meijer offers a wide variety of fruits and vegetables for all your produce needs.  They even carry a variety of specialty fruits and vegetables, such as the Golden Honeydew for example. Meijer Nutritionist Beth Eggleston says it is important for your summer diet to fill your cart with fruits and vegetables.  She calls it “eating the rainbow”.  The more different colored produce you have, the better your diet will be this summer.   

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