Better listening, communication, technology, and attorney access. At Thacker Sleight we are family law attorneys, negotiators, litigators, and problem solvers. We have a reputation for being fearless, meticulous, and thorough in our approach to life’s unexpected challenges.

Thacker Sleight is a trusted leader in the areas of family law and estate planning. Our attorneys represent both men and women and cover a wide range of clients, from business owners to stay-at-home spouses. Clients with complex legal issues will benefit most from working with our firm from the beginning. Our firm has always been technology-driven and is constantly implanting new tech as we work with clients remotely, at their homes or businesses, or at our various office locations in Michigan.

Thacker Sleight’s Grand Rapids family attorneys have devoted their entire careers to delivering successful outcomes for spouses and parents facing the most challenging times in their lives. With over 50 years of combined experience, our attorneys produce outstanding results by leveraging our negotiation skills to mediate and resolve problems, not combat them, bringing about healthier, more sustainable results. Helping our clients be proactive and look ahead also saves them time and money, preventing future issues down the road. No matter the complexity of your family law case, Thacker Sleight provides our full attention. Legal work is first and foremost about people, not documents, cases, or numbers. This is especially true for family law cases when the consequences directly affect you and your family. Our firm is dedicated to providing exclusive, highly professional service that is also personal and approachable.