GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- The holiday season is here, and the last thing anyone wants to deal with is stress. Unfortunately for the millions of Americans struggling with hearing loss, the holiday season can be dreadful. This season, it doesn’t have to be! ABC 4 West Michigan’s Daily Buzz expert in hearing, Dr. Pamela Keenan from McDonald Audiology & Hearing Health Care, shares tips for hearing better during the holiday season and ways to accommodate family members, friends and guests with auditory impairments.  

Watch Dr. Keenan’s Daily Buzz tip in the video player featured above! 

Here are some quick tips for offering hearing accommodations during the holidays:  

  • Speak in a clear voice and talk to one individual at a time 
  • If you suspect a loved one has hearing loss or they vocalize their concerns, pull them aside for a private conversation and encourage them to seek professional assistance.  
  • Limit background noise (loud televisions, sit in a less noisy location, etc.)  
  • Prepare a holiday hearing kit with essentials (extra hearing aid batteries, a cleaning set, extra domes and tubing, a dehumidifier, and an older set of hearing aids if available.) 

For more information on navigating the holiday season with hearing loss, visit McDonald Audiology & Hearing Health Care.  

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