GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- Regardless of age, prioritizing hearing health is imperative, but it may be hard to pinpoint where to start. If you’re searching for simple, effective, and practical steps to improve your hearing, then check out these suggestions.

ABC 4’s Daily Buzz expert in hearing, Dr. Pam Keenan from McDonald Audiology & Hearing Health Care, shares ten tips in the video featured above and lists them below!


Meditating has proven to benefit hearing health by increasing blood flow to the brain, allowing individuals to become more attuned to their surroundings.

Quit Smoking

Studies have shown that smoking affects hearing loss because of prolonged exposure to nicotine and carbon dioxide. If you want to improve your hearing, it may be time to toss out the cigarettes.

Practice Yoga

Similar to meditating, yoga can improve the quality of hearing by increasing oxygen and blood flow to a person’s head, depending on specific positions.

Lower the volume of devices

Volumes 85 decibels or louder can damage a person’s eardrum causing hearing loss. Turn devices down or wear hearing gear to protect your ears in noisy environments.

Remove excess ear wax

While the accumulation of earwax is normal, it can alter a person’s ability to hear well. Consider having a professional ear wax removal to lesson build up and lessen the effects of hearing loss.

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Keep your body moving every day

Daily exercise is not only good for the entire body, but it’s beneficial to maintaining hearing health! Going for a walk, jog, or life’s daily activities (cleaning, gardening, etc.) keeps blood circulating and our hearts pumping.

Train your hearing

A popular way to improve hearing includes a specific exercise- focusing and locating noises. Put on music in a quiet room and walk around your home while listening and identifying certain words, sounds and instruments.

Take vitamins

Vitamins including Folic acid, magnesium, zinc and B vitamins are proven to improve hearing health.

Schedule an appointment with an audiologist

Audiologists are able to test your hearing, diagnose and issues and help with managing them. Schedule an appointment for a comprehensive, in-person test, or take a minor online hearing test.

Get hearing aids

Hearing ways are an effective way to manage auditory issues, and a doctor or health care professional can help determine which model and style of hearing aids would work best for each patient!

For more tips for improving hearing, visit McDonald Audiology & Hearing Health Care.

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