GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Happy holidays! We’re in the midst of a cheerful time of year, but this season may feel like a drag to those suffering from hearing loss. If you plan on gathering with friends and family for holiday celebrations, dinners or events, then take a listen to our hearing expert’s tips for enjoying the season to the fullest. Dr. Pam Keenan from McDonald Audiology & Hearing Health Care suggests putting a holiday hearing kit together to aid in improving your hearing and reconnecting with those you love most!  

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Put a holiday hearing kit together.  

Don’t forget to include the essentials: Extra hearing aid batteries, cleaning set, dehumidifier, extra domes and tubing, and an older set of hearing aids.  

Don’t hesitate to speak up 

If you feel comfortable, give your loved ones a reminder to slow down when speaking, to repeat themselves, or talk directly to you. 

Use the buddy system 

At your next holiday gathering, consider sitting next to a loved one who understands your challenges and wants to help in assisting your needs.  

Limit distractions and background noise 

Entering an environment with background noises and distractions can alter your ability to hear. Next time you find yourself attending a party, holiday festival or family get-together, don’t be afraid to tell someone to turn down the television, holiday music, or consider moving into a quieter location. 

Dr. Pam Keenan and her team understand the challenges the holiday season can present to individuals with hearing loss. We hope these simple tips can improve your holiday experience.  

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