GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- There’s no question that Michiganders love the great outdoors, and according to Pure Michigan, 700,000 Michigan residents are hunters. While many people enjoy participating in this leisure, occupational, and cultural activity, it’s imperative to protect hearing health.  

Shooting any firearm without proper protection can cause damage to the ears. McDonald Audiology & Hearing Health Care understands that protecting ears is much more than wearing ear plugs outdoors and recommends other hearing devices to prevent severe, permanent, or temporary hearing loss.  

Our expert in hearing, Dr. Pam Keenan, shares additional options. Watch her daily buzz tip in the video player above to learn more.  

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Great options for protecting hearing while hunting:  


Audiologists at McDonald Audiology & Hearing Health care suggest hunters wear earmuffs because they fit the head snuggly and reduce sounds even at close range.  

Active Ear Plugs 

Dr. Keenan also suggests active ear plugs as a helpful form of ear protection while hunting. Active earplugs are electronic, meaning the technology has the advanced ability to determine which noises are friendly or detrimental. If noise is deemed friendly, then the earplug will allow the sound to pass through your ear canal.  

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