GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC4)- With so much happening in the global economy and financial market, various people have wondered if they should open their 401k’s, Roth IRAs, or make additional investments. Many unanswered questions have prompted a mass spread of anxiety, nervousness, and confusion; however, financial experts share valuable information to help navigate the peaks and troughs of the U.S. economy. 

During an episode of AARP Real Possibilities, the financial experts join Paula D. Cunningham from AARP Michigan to detail the causes of changes in the economy like Covid-19 and the ongoing war in Ukraine, share indicators of a changing market (prices on commodities, supply and demand), and offer advice for individuals considering making investments or older adults who are on the fence. 

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Featured guests include: 

  • Joe Gazall, Gazall Investment & Wealth Management 
  • Ener Almanza, Strategic Wealth Manager, Greenewealth
  • Greg Custer, Financial Advisor, Greenewealth

AARP Real Possibilities is sponsored by AARP Michigan.