GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- Intergenerational learning and play are proven to benefit older and younger generations. 

During an AARP Real Possibilities interview, Sue Schuelke-Davidson from the Bethlehem Intergenerational Center discusses the significance and importance of “the young and old being together” and the services/programs the center offers to facilitate intergenerational interactions. 

The Bethlehem Intergenerational Center offers an elder and early childhood wing and activities to foster growing relationships. These activities include elders and children reading books together, singing, having show-and-tell days, yoga and much more. 

“I think the sense of community that intergenerational brings is just beautiful across the board, and it benefits all. Caregivers who are tired know that their spouse or their parent is in a wonderful environment where they’re being cared for, and they’re happy,” Sue said.