GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- Deciding that you or a senior loved one needs additional support can be difficult. And finding a community that fits your needs and feels like home can feel like an overwhelming task. While various senior living communities and assisted living facility sizes are available, moving into a smaller community has many benefits. 

During an AARP Real Possibilities interview, Sue Hamm, Executive Director at the Rose Garden and Christian Haven at Sunset Senior Communities, describes life in a smaller assisted living facility, positive feedback from residents and families and the benefits.

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“There’s a lot that goes into healthcare, right? There’s meal service, there’s the care you receive from the staff. There’s life enrichment, activities, and housekeeping. In a small facility, all those things are integrated. All staff participate in every aspect, so the residents really feel that teamwork, that family atmosphere, Sue says.”

In a smaller space, residents can develop close relationships with staff and their peers and feel a sense of belonging in a family-like atmosphere.

“The families feel like we are family. We feel like they are family, and it all works together to provide the best care for the residents, Sue adds.”

Watch the interview above to learn more about life in a smaller assisted living community!

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