GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- If you talk with residents of senior living communities about why they have decided to move, you will get many answers, but you will also find a common thread in those conversations—family. During an AARP Real Possibilities interview, Sue Haam, Executive Director of the Rose Garden & Christian Haven at Sunset Senior Communities, discusses the positive impact senior living has on families and their dynamics.

“When people are at home, and the resident or the potential resident needs care, it falls on the family. They become the caregiver, they become the decision maker, and it’s exhausting. And when they come to assisted living, they have the ability to be the family member again and to enjoy their family member instead of caring 24 hours a day,” Sue says.

Senior living has also proven to be beneficial financially. Although assisted living does cost money, “it’s more predictable,” Sue adds. “When people are at home, and you either have to hire private duty, or you have to take time off from work, or you have to pay for doctor’s appointments, things like that; a lot of that stuff is lumped into your assisted living monthly fee.”

For more information on the benefits of senior living, tune into the AARP Real Possibilities interview featured above. Additionally, visit Sunset Senior Communities’ website.

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