GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- According to Consumer Affairs, more than 810,000 people reside in assisted living communities as of 2021. While assisted living has remained a popular form of care for seniors, many older adults and their loved ones are discouraged from transitioning into a facility due to misconceptions.

Misconceptions have included the belief that assisted living equates to round-the-clock care for residents, which isn’t always the case. Sunset Senior Living “works to understand every resident’s needs while helping them maintain their independence.” In other words, while residents receive help managing daily tasks such as meals, laundry, transportation, housekeeping, personal care, etc., they can still take life at their own pace.

Aside from maintaining a sense of independence, assisted living care, offered at Sunset’s Rose Garden, Manor & Villages, Waterford Place, and Christian Haven campuses, has many benefits! These benefits include helping seniors stay active through exercise and wellness programs, feeling a sense of community through interactive social activities and more.

Sue Hamm, Executive Director at the Rose Garden & Christian Haven, shares additional benefits during an interview on AARP Real Possibilities. She also debunks common assisted living myths.
For more information, watch the interview featured above.

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