GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- In today’s digital age, it seems like most of what we do in our daily lives requires the use of our cellphones, computers and the internet. Now more than ever, we’re relying on technology to connect with our loved ones and to stay up to date with current events- to name a few.

As technology continues to advance and our usage of smart devices increases, a topic that dwells on many of our minds is cybersecurity.

During Tuesday’s episode of AARP Real Possibilities, AARP Michigan State Director, Paula D. Cunningham, discusses cybersecurity concerns and ways to protect ourselves from cyber threats with two experts:

  • Theresa Kent, Customer Success Manager, Providence 
  • Jeff Dettloff, President of Providence 

Today’s Take

On “Today’s Take”, AARP Michigan Associate State Director, Jennifer Feuerstein, discusses new technological advancements in full-arch restoration with Dr. Mark Jensin, Advanced Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Studio, and health programs for individuals experiencing dementia with Chris Simons, Dementia & Life Enrichment, Clark Retirement.

Advanced Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Studio

Dr. Mark Jensin shares technological improvements for full-arch restoration, the use of ceramic material in dental surgeries, the characteristics of individuals who qualify for dental restoration and the positive impact that procedures have on patients. 

3855 Burton St SE B, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Phone: (616) 369-0360


Clark Retirement 

Chris Simons shares the benefits of music therapy programs for individuals with dementia and Montessori care at Clark Retirement.


1551 Franklin Street SE

 Grand Rapids, MI 49506


2499 Forest Hill Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Phone: (616) 452-1568