GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-There are a lot of big things happening at Pine Rest.  They have been making several renovations and additions to the services they provide.  In 2024, they are set to open the Pediatric Behavioral Health Center of Excellence.  This facility will be an added resource to treat young kids and families desperate of need of services in our State.  This could not come at a better time as we are seeing a statewide epidemic of behavioral health need.   Pine Rest is expanding their services to help fill that need.  They have expanded their hospital to include 88 in-patient beds.  They also offer specialty services such as eating disorders, substance abuse and even residential services.

Going Back to School can be a frightening time for several children, which can cause them to become anxious.  This is completely natural as getting back into the school routine may take some getting used to again.  But there are a couple of tips to help prepare your kid if they have anxiety when it comes to going back to school.  The first is to soothe your child when they tell you they are afraid of something.  It is important to listen and sympathize with your child instead of telling them not to worry about their fears.  The next tip is to empower your child.  Use resources such as books on starting a new grade or coming up with an interactive way to make them feel good about what they are learning. 

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