GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- Since 1982, the Advocates for Senior Issues have been the leading senior advocacy group in Kent County. The non-partisan group’s mission is to “empower seniors through education and advocacy” and functions on three main pillars to support older adults in the community. These pillars are to:

  • Advocate: According to the group’s website, advocating for Seniors includes hosting meetings with legislators who can “speak on current issues and answer questions from the audience.”
  • Learn: A portion of meetings educates group members on issues affecting the older adult population residing in Kent County.
  • Build Community: Members build relationships with one another by engaging in social activities both in and outside of the group. 

During an AARP Real Possibilities interview, President Lody Zwarensteyn and Jen Koffman from Advocates for Senior Issues discuss how they improve seniors’ quality of life through their programs and services.

To learn more about Advocates for Senior Issues, visit the group’s website.