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Women from all walks of life have joined together to form the WOTV 4 Women Crew!  This diverse group of women is dedicated to sharing helpful and insightful information on-air and online.  We all know that day-to-day life can get hectic and there isn’t time to see, do and learn everything you want to! That’s where the WOTV 4 Women Crew steps in to help.  We give you quick tips, “Your Daily Buzz”, during your favorite shows on WOTV 4!  Want to know how to freshen up your living room without breaking the bank?  Our “Home expert” offers up some great advice and showcase products you can find right here in West Michigan!  From career advice to tackling parenting issues our crew offers inspiring ideas, tips and tricks that will make you look and feel like a super woman!

Everything we do is for West Michigan BY West Michigan women and we’d love to have you join us.

In addition to our fun and informative on-air tips, WOTV4WOMEN is a great place to learn and try new things!   We’ve got exclusive content geared toward the West Michigan Woman.  Relationship advice, fashion finds, quizes, photos, and mouth-watering recipes are just a taste of what you’ll find.   Don’t have time to read all of that great content from our site?  That’s ok- PIN IT for later and be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

Become part of the WOTV 4 Women community so you’re always in the loop and getting alerted to more great recipes, holiday ideas, and events.  Everything we do is for West Michigan BY West Michigan women and we’d love to have you join us.  It’s easy.  Tune in to WOTV 4 every day on-air, or follow us on social media to get linked to our online articles.

The Crew

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About Latesha Lipscomb

Latesha Lipscomb is the WOTV 4 Women Crew focused on beauty! As the beauty expert Latesha specializes in helping you put your best face forward. She is the manager and creator of the “I Got Face Cosmetic Concierge”, a full service beauty provider, based in downtown Grand Rapids, where her and her team of professionals help women every day look and feel their best. Latesha will be sharing her best beauty tips from her and her team of talented professionals to help you look and feel your absolute best!

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About Jan Lehman

Jan Lehman is one of the WOTV 4 Women home experts focusing on interior remodeling. She is the Marketing Director for Standale Lumber and Standale Interiors, a locally owned and operated business serving west Michigan for 60 years.

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About Carly Munoz

Carly Munoz is the WOTV 4 Women crew member focusing on motherhood! Being a working mom of two (a pre-schooler and an infant) is no easy task and Carly chronicles her daily adventures in parenting.

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About Cindy Scharns

Cindy Scharns is the WOTV 4 Women expert for “Kids Fitness”. Cindy is the Owner and Executive Operations Director of Branch Gymnastics & Jumpstart Childcare. Branch Gymnastics has two locations in both Kalamazoo and Battle Creek and they serve 1,800 students on a weekly basis. Being a mom of six, Cindy understands the importance of families and carries those values through to the families she serves through her business.

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About Jill Wallace

Jill Wallace is WOTV 4 Women Fashion Finds expert, specializing in upcycling clothes. Jill can show any modern woman what’s new, different trends, and how to find the best deals. She is the Chief Marketing and Communication Officer for Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids. Let Jill take you through the fab finds at Goodwill.

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About Jordan Carson

Jordan is thrilled to be working in the community that she has always loved. She began her career while studying at Central Michigan University as a part time science and technology reporter.

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About Abbey Sladick

Abbey Sladick is the WOTV 4 Women advocate focusing on community outreach. Abbey is the Vice President of Communication at Mel Trotter Ministries where she teaches the community about poverty, homelessness, and provides ways to get involved to help better the lives in West Michigan.

More about Abbey »

About Michele Fife

Michele Fife is the WOTV 4 Women wellness expert focusing on natural health and Yoga. She is an Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist and Nutritionist and sees clients at her office and Yoga studio - OMG!Yoga in downtown Rockford.

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About Jennifer Feuerstein

Jennifer Feuerstein is a community organizer, activist, public speaker, and writer on issues related to older adults and the encore years. She currently is Associate State Director for AARP Michigan.

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