Find long-term relief with the DRX Program

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) - Millions of people are suffering from chronic, debilitating neck and back pain. Many are searching for solutions to their pain, but often reaching dead ends. To help people find answers, eightWest welcomed Neck and Back Pain Expert, Dr. Christopher Miller, to educate us on what options are available for relief!

Dr. Miller has a variety of treatment options for patients including the DRX Program which is non-invasive, non-surgical. It targets and heals injured discs, providing our patients with long term relief. This program is designed to get them back to doing the things in their lives that they've been missing out on and living independently without having to come back for more appointments and checkups months or years down the road.

  • $49 Consultation & Examination
  • You save $191!
  • See if you qualify for non-invasive pain relief
  • BONUS  First 8 Callers Receive FREE MRI Review
  • Limited Appointments  Only 10 Available!
  • Excludes Medicare & Medicaid
  • CALL (616) 328-6130 NOW!

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